Amount of support: HUF 49,599,545

Rate of support: 67.64%

Planned end date: 30 June 2021

The primary goal of the project is to improve the quality of the cluster management services provided by the Hungarian Sport and Lifestyle Development Cluster while promoting the cluster members entering the international markets.
The project will also include the information technology development of the cluster management organisation as well as the English language training of those employed by the cluster management organisation. 
An international market research project as well as the acquisition of databases about organisations with a profile in sports rehabilitation and training the next generation of athletes are aimed at providing up-to-date information for the cluster members and facilitating the development of international business relations. A mobile application will also be developed: as a new sales channel it will make the sports facilities and sports events of the cluster members available for searching. A CRM system tailored to the needs of the cluster will also help sales and client management. 
The project objectives also include the promotion of international relations, market acquisition and an international market presence through enabling the cluster members to participate in professional events. The cluster had its own stand at the XXVIII. International Conference on Sport Rehabilitation and Traumatology in 2019, which provided the opportunity for the participants to become familiar with innovative methods and good practices relating to the design and installation of sports grounds as well as their maintenance, operation and the provision of sports services, while helping them to build international relations. We organised a businessmen’s meeting in Bucharest in 2020 in conjunction with the Thermal Health Industry Cluster, during which the products and services provided by the cluster’s members were presented to Romanian travel operators and agencies. In 2021 a workshop with the participation of twenty members will be organised in Debrecen.
The international marketing campaigns – identity refreshment, making multi-language homepage and publications and appearance in social networking sites – the identity implemented based on the marketing and communication plan developed within the framework of the project strengthen the international presence of the cluster members. A conference film on the topical issues of the profession and an image film presenting the cluster members will be made and distributed to contribute to building up international relations and facilitate the cluster members entering international markets, while, indirectly, promoting a more efficient utilisation of their facilities.
The MSE Cluster was awarded the ECEI (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis) BRONZE Label “Striving for Cluster Excellence” in 2016. With the current project we set ourselves the objective of winning the silver label recognising dedication to cluster excellence, which will also increase the cluster’s chances of entering international markets.